Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a therapist, you want to be sure you’re choosing one that you can fully trust to answer all of your questions and concerns. Below, you’ll will find a list of some frequently asked questions from my clients. Connect with me today for more information.


What will my first session be like?

We begin by discussing if there are any areas that are in pain and need attention. I will leave the room as you disrobe to your level of comfort and get on the massage table either face down or face up depending on your needs. Our session begins when I start to work on your body, beginning with compressions. I then undrape the area that is being worked on, one area at a time, and ensure that focus is put to where you need it. At the conclusion of the session, I leave the room as you redress, and get some refreshing water ready for you when you come out.

Do I have to undress?

NO. I am well versed in a variety of techniques that do not require you to undress. These techniques are just as effective when used with your clothes on. They may feel less "soothing" but can achieve the same level of pain relief.

Do you treat patients with severe health problems?

YES. I have extensive training and experience in medical massage which focuses on traumatic injury care with the goal of alleviating severe pain and pain management. Practicing in locations throughout Solano County I have helped clients with whiplash, pre and post surgery care, chronic sciatic nerve pain and other physical ailments.

is a massage session from a male therapist any different?

NO. All massage therapists that are certified by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) have undergone thorough training from accredited schools and have passed extensive background checks. Although, massage styles and range of  maximum pressure do vary from therapist to therapist, it's best to find the right fit for your wellness needs. Regardless if it is a female or male Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) we all embody the high standards of the CAMTC.